We have several updates for you.

  1. Soccer Manager Elite beta sign up is live
  2. Taurion update
  3. MMX partnership
  4. Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Soccer Manager Elite

You can now sign up to the SME beta program. Only a limited number of players will be able to participate, so act now if you wish to join. You can sign up here at the bottom of the page:


SME is a blockchain-powered version of the popular Soccer Manager Worlds MMO. However, this takes soccer management to entirely new levels of ownership and live action.

Never before has any game offered this level of intensity in this exclusive player-driven game world. You can own part of a club, propose and vote for managers and sign new players. Or even let your managers have free reign to do as they please. You can even be a manager. But you’d better do your job right or you’ll get sacked by the club owners (other players).

As a manager, you’ll need to set the right tactics to dominate your opponents as well as scout and bid for players to improve your club’s team. Skill trumps luck, so the competition is real.

Powered by the XAYA blockchain-gaming platform, SME is an MMO that runs without servers. It works in a decentralised P2P fashion and is like no other manager game before it.

Check out more information on the forum:


Taurion Update

Taurion development is coming along very well and we expect to have a competition style demo ready in around a month (more info coming soon).

There’s lots of work going on under-the-hood for the core game, and the GUI is looking beautiful with translucent controls. Here are some screenshots and artwork.

Check out the latest development update here:


MMX Partnership

XAYA has partnered with MMX and we’ve been working to help bring new functionality to their platform. Specifically, we’ve been working to integrate human readable .luxe addresses for use with Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, which aren’t human readable.

Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) is a leading domain registry centered around geographic, professional occupation, consumer interest, outdoor activity, and generic top-level domains, e.g. .london, .law, .cooking, .yoga, .fishing, .vip, etc.

The company has partnered with the lead developers of the Namecoin blockchain and XAYA platform to develop an “easy-to-use naming solution that will integrate human readable .luxe addresses with bitcoin alphanumeric addresses in a fully secure and decentralised fashion.” (source)

XAYA is proud to partner with MMX in order to help bring their customers new functionality that integrates traditional domain names with blockchain technology.

MMX will add in functionality for .luxe domains to contain special data, such as Bitcoin addresses for payments, contact information, and other data. This data will be stored on the XAYA blockchain while .luxe-enabled wallets and applications will read that data and provide secure and seamless integration of .luxe domain names with blockchain technology.

Blockchain Gaming Alliance

We are proud to announce that we have joined the BGA, an important industry association for games that incorporate blockchain technology.


The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a coalition of game and blockchain companies committed to advocating for blockchain technologies within the game industry since it offers significant opportunities for innovation. The BGA provides an open forum for stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research which fosters new ways to create, publish, and play games.

By joining this industry organisation, we hope to help push blockchain gaming into the mainstream where both game developers and gamers can reap the benefits of blockchain technology. Further, membership may help boost the profile of the XAYA platform and make it more visible for developers looking to create truly decentralised blockchain games.

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