It’s just about time to start sending people their CHI, but before that can happen, we need people to send us a CHI address first.

Those who get their CHI addresses to us before August 13th can receive up to 50 CHI so they can reserve account names and play Treat Fighter when it’s released in open beta. The remainder of CHI will be distributed after the end of the main sale.

CHI is the native currency on the XAYA blockchain


CHI is not an ERC-20 token, so do not give us an ETH address. You will lose your CHI. CHI is the native cryptocurrency on the XAYA blockchain.

Getting a CHI Address

To get a CHI address:

  1. Visit the XAYA forum thread where the wallet downloads are
  2. Install and run the wallet
  3. Back up your wallets (see forums for how to)
  4. Create a CHI address as described here

We need your CHI address before August 13th if you want to receive the early-bird 50 CHI on August 15th. Please don’t delay in getting your address to us.

Send Us Your CHI Address

Once you’ve got your CHI address, you can get it to us by saving it in the bounty portal.

  1. Visit the bounty portal
  2. Log in to the portal
  3. Click WITHDRAW
  4. Paste in your CHI address then click SUBMIT

Once you’ve given us your CHI address, you only need to wait to receive them when they are sent August 15th.

If you don’t send us your CHI address before August 13th, you’ll need to wait until after the main sale, i.e. it’s best to do it now.

Schedule for Receiving Your CHI

CHI coins are being distributed in 2 phases:

  1. Early-bird 50 CHI on August 15th
  2. Remainder of CHI after the main sale

During the early-bird 50 CHI distribution, you can receive up to 50 CHI.

If you’ve only earned 10 CHI, you’ll receive all 10, but not 50.

If you’ve earned 1,000 CHI, you’ll get 50 CHI on August 15th, and the remaining 950 CHI after the end of the main sale.

Treat Fighter Release Date

Treat fighter is scheduled for open beta release in August, so if you want to get in on the action right at the start, you’ll need to send us your CHI address ASAP.

Get your CHI early to play Treat Fighter!

You won’t want to miss out on being some of the first Overlords in Canedoom!

Get your wallet and address so you can get your CHI early!

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