CHI Sale Finished — Distributing Coins Now

The CHI sale has finished and coin distribution has started.

We’d like to thank everyone that participated, whether in sales or bounties or airdrops. It’s been a long journey, but we’ve finally arrived, and we’ve arrived without any VCs, which is exceedingly rare.


The final numbers for the sale are as follows:

Coins from Sales

As such, the coin distribution is as follows:

Final Distribution of Coins

Note that CHI numbers above are rounded to 0 decimal places. As such, actual numbers may vary within that tolerance.


Private sale coins have been sent with the exception of a couple people that have not yet provided addresses.

Pre-sale coins were distributed this week for those that have provided addresses. Pre-sale participants that haven’t yet provided addresses can at The next batch of pre-sale coins will be sent in 2 weeks times so hurry now.

The Huntercoin snapshot coins have all been sent to the proper addresses. These are claimable now for those who have the skillset to do so. You may check here for more information . Instructions will be provided to help you convert and import your private keys.

The previous bounty campaign, airdrop, and possibly Growth Engine distribution is scheduled to begin the week of the 29th as well.

While we’d like to have all coins distributed by the end of October, this is highly unlikely to happen as we still haven’t received CHI addresses from a fair number of people. We’ll follow up with more information about the distribution when we know more there.

Please note that the distribution process is non-trivial; we are verifying and triple checking data to ensure that no errors are made. This is time consuming as many users have made errors in giving us proper CHI addresses, which requires verification and follow up.

Regarding the listing on, it should be online within days.

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