Chimaera Rebranding as XAYA

Chimaera began as a blockchain project in 2016, but has evolved significantly. As the scope of the Chimaera project has expanded, we’re entering into new areas where there are projects and companies with similar names. With the best interests of the project at heart, we’ve decided to rebrand the project in order to avoid confusion and limit potential legal issues further down the line.

Additionally, Chimaera represents a project that is cutting-edge, blazing fast, and truly a pioneer in its industry. This project is the future of gaming, and the name should read as such. With that, we are pleased to announce that Chimaera is being rebranded as Xaya. Hopefully the community will share our enthusiasm for the new name and brand. The rebranding is purely cosmetic and has no effect on any technical capabilities.

Xaya is pronounced “zay-yah”. The ‘X’ is the same as the Greek letter CHI (X), and Xaya will retain CHI as its currency ticker.

Xaya Mainnet to Go Live

We are pleased to announce that the mainnet will go live at 3 pm UTC+2 (CEST) Friday the 13th of July.

With this, game developers can begin looking into the project and brainstorm ideas on how they can take advantage of the Xaya platform and ecosystem.

The reserve currency and “fuel” for the Xaya ecosystem is CHI, its native cryptocurrency.

Wallets will be available for download and those wishing to mine will be able to do so.

This is an important milestone for the Xaya project.

Further details on the wallets, mining and more will be available shortly.

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