Chimaera Rebranding as XAYA

Chimaera began as a blockchain project in 2016, but has evolved significantly. As the scope of the Chimaera project has expanded, we’re entering into new areas where there are projects and companies with similar names. With the best interests of the project at heart, we’ve decided to rebrand the project in order to avoid confusion and limit potential legal issues further down the line.

As such, we are pleased to announce that Chimaera is being rebranded as XAYA. Hopefully the community will share our enthusiasm for the new name and brand. The rebranding is purely cosmetic and has no effect on any technical capabilities.

XAYA is pronounced “zay-yah”. The ‘X’ is the same as the Greek letter CHI (X), and XAYA will retain CHI as its currency ticker.

XAYA Mainnet Live

The XAYA mainnet is live and the wallet is available for download here in our new forums.

  1. XAYA Electron wallet beta
  2. XAYA QT wallet

Most people should choose the XAYA Electron wallet beta on Windows (other OSes will come later). Games on XAYA will “just work” when you use this wallet.

This is essentially a front end to the XAYA daemon through the RPC interface.

It includes multi-wallet functionality so that you have both a VAULT and GAME wallet. You should encrypt your VAULT.

You should of course be careful of where you download games, dapps or any applications to prevent possible security breaches and loss of coins.

Make certain to encrypt and then back up your VAULT, as well as back up your GAME wallet to a safe location.

We’re also providing the XAYA QT wallet as introduced with Bitcoin. It has all the features of the latest Bitcoin Core wallet. The QT wallet requires additional configuration to work if you use it for XAYA games or dapps.

The source code for both XAYA Core and the XAYA Electron wallet are available here

Block Explorer

The XAYA block explorer is still in development.

Important Information for Sale Participants

Public pre-sale participants should:

  1. Download and run the XAYA Electron wallet and wait until it is fully sync’d (you can also use the QT wallet if you are familiar with it).
  2. Encrypt their Vault wallet with a password and restart the client.
  3. Back up both the Vault and Game wallets as well as the Vault password to a safe location.
  4. Create a CHI address.
  5. Enter that CHI address into the Token Portal at

Private pre-sale participants will be contacted directly.

Remember: The Electron wallet creates 2 wallets. Vault and Game. You should always backup both.

Purchased CHI coins will be distributed after the end of the Main Sale. However, we will send 50 coins to those who supply us with their CHI address so that they can test the platform and reserve their names in the XAYA blockchain.

Important Information for Bounty Participants

Bounty participants should:

  1. Download and Run the XAYA Electron wallet and wait until it is fully sync’d.
  2. Encrypt their Vault wallet with a password and restart the client.
  3. Back up both the Vault and Game wallets as well as the Vault password to a safe location.
  4. Create a CHI address.
  5. Enter that CHI address into the bounty portal in the WITHDRAW section at

Mining CHI

Mining details are available in the XAYA Specs repository here.

XAYA uses an innovative multi-algo mechanism based on the one created by Huntercoin and cloned into several other cryptocurrencies since then.

It uses both Neoscrypt and SHA-256d (merge-mined).

You can solo mine the XAYA Neoscrypt algo out of the box.

People interested in mining CHI with an Nvidia GPU can download ccminer here:

Run ccminer from a command prompt with the following arguments:

ccminer -a neoscrypt -o -O user:pass

The XAYA Electron wallet creates both a vault and game wallet, so the mining wallet must be specified. If you are using the daemon or the QT, you can just remove the “/wallet/game.dat” and it will mine to the default created wallet.

If you’re using the XAYA Electron wallet, the “user:pass” is in the default datadir and stored in a .cookie file in:


Those mining on Linux can find that file here:


Otherwise, if you are using custom RPC login information, use that username and password instead.

XAYA can be merge-mined with Bitcoin or any other SHA-256d cryptocurrency.

Pools should check the Specs documentation. For queries, contact a member of our team through the website, telegram or our forums.

Please note that mining rewards are artificially low until after the main sale is finished. This allows for mining small amounts of CHI without adversely affecting fairness. That is, there is no “instamine” and nobody is disadvantaged by an unfair start; everyone has an equal opportunity to mine CHI.

XAYA will hard fork after the end of the main sale in order to restore mining rewards to their intended levels once we know what the Total Supply will be.

Further details on mining will be available in a separate post shortly.


We have opened our forums. You can use this for support requests, questions, or to start discussions.

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