Ready Player One is a film adaptation of a 2011 novel by Earnest Cline and hit box offices everywhere March 29. RPO takes place in a dystopian future plagued by overpopulation and resource scarcity. To avoid the dire realities of the world, a virtual reality universe, OASIS, has captured the interests and passions of everyone worldwide. OASIS represents a perfect utopia, complete with endless activities and opportunities. OASIS also plays a fundamental role in the real world, acting as a booming economy amid real world economic failure. The currency of OASIS is the most stable and adopted throughout both real and virtual worlds.

With the release of the film, the fantasies of gamers and techies alike for a truly immersive, empowering virtual reality environment take the forefront of their thoughts and conversations. Historically, industry developments and capabilities have suggested that such a feat is still decades away.

However, with Chimaera’s revolutionary approach to blockchain gaming, such an environment as is presented by OASIS is finally possible. By integrating a network of Chimaera’s groundbreaking game channels technology into a cohesive environment, a Decentralized Autonomous Universe (DAU) is born. In a DAU, anything is possible, include (and even expanding beyond) what is seen through OASIS.

Decentralized Autonomous Universes are persistent, virtual worlds propagated through a web of game channels. A DAU can represent anything from a neighborhood or a city to a planet, galaxy, or an infinite universe. Like the laws of physics in the world as we know it, these autonomous universes are governed by a universal, unwavering set of rules. Beyond this, players have complete control and empowerment to play exactly how they like, as they work together and in competition with one another to build societies and economies from the ground up.

In essence, Decentralized Autonomous Universes provide the perfect framework for a complete instance of a massively complex, virtual reality, such as what can be seen through Ready Player One. In theory, there is no reason why OASIS, the virtual safe-haven from the dystopian reality of the book and film/movie, could not persist on the Chimaera network. Regardless of the circumstances of the world today or in the near future, Chimaera could be the solution to what so many have fantasized about: a global, endless, empowering virtual reality. One where millions of otherwise impoverished individuals lead prosperous lives through virtual careers, where a major, virtual economy rivals legacy industries and currencies, and where anyone can be, do, and experience exactly as they have always dreamed.

At its core, a DAU represents a limitless, permanent sandbox, to be shaped and morphed by every single player that connects to it. This sandbox can represent something very similar to the real world, like a recreation of Earth, or something very different, such as solar system of planets with wildly different environments and atmospheres than the world as we know it. Beyond this, the Decentralized Autonomous Universe must only provide a collection of resources for players to use as tool in constructing their virtual reality environment.

From the start, players will first work to scavenge, collect, and produce the natural resources of the universe. This could be Earthly resources: oil, gold, food, or something completely different: other worldly minerals found exclusively in asteroids. As every resource is registered and transferred on the blockchain, and produced in accordance to the unchanging rules of the universe, these resources have inherent value.

Similar to how the planets of OASIS are created, built, and developed by players, the same is true in a DAU. It is likely that the first developments will be focused around optimization in the production of these core resources: oil rigs, mine shafts, farms and ranches. As is the case in reality, individuals produce most efficiently when they specialize and cooperate. While it is uncertain what direction first progressions will take in a new DAU, it is logical to suggest that these developments should take place on a large scale early on.

As these initial foundations grow, outposts and compounds will expand to take on roles as the first large gatherings of players: towns will form and trade with one another. As operations become increasingly complex, so does the economy surrounding those instances. Resources will see a continual increase, and even an acceleration, in trade volume. With a constantly growing economy, niches emerge. Players will take on inventive, creative, or otherwise worthwhile roles that cater to their skills and interests, further evolving the virtual economy into a beast that grows ever larger and more complex.

Of course, OASIS gives a pretty vibrant example for the type of construction and development that can take place. As seen in Ready Player One, a completely empowering, fully immersive virtual reality is a limitless playground to create and build anything and everything. These progressions will potentially manifest in the form of the creation of new and different societies, governments, cultures, industries, and more that cannot be envisioned in the scope of what is possible in the real world.

If such an environment were to receive worldwide interaction, the implications are revolutionary. As is the case with OASIS, such a virtual reality could be the solution to bridging the global economy through the adoption through a stable, universal virtual currency. In the case of Chimaera, this would be CHI, the currency of the custom blockchain and fuel for the Chimaera ecosystem. Poverty on a worldwide scale could be eradicated by connecting citizens of third world and developing countries to the booming virtual economy, where they have the same opportunity to be highly compensated as a skilled gamer or entrepreneur as anyone else.

DAUs have their own natural laws, so floating cities and dragons can come to life

Beyond economic implications, such an environment could play a fundamental role in the further growth of existing and emerging governments in the real world. As the DAU begins without any pre-existing infrastructure or framework, the direction and success of emerging civilizations is entirely up to those who inhabit it. The universe could act as an experiment that looks into the history and actualities of dominant virtual societies, and perhaps could shed light on alternative forms of government that could perhaps be more efficient or beneficial through some sort of application towards existing nations.

Along with the social and economic implications, all the excitement and fun sentimental of any video game worth its salt is of course a key metric of Chimaera’s experience. Like the quests and tasks portrayed in OASIS, there will of course be an overarching emphasis on gameplay. Jobs, by nature, are all gamified, so it’s not as if the monotony of a real world job translates to the DAU. Additionally, the expansive array of possibilities similarly extends to leisure and entertainment. Virtual concerts, arcades, and nightclubs are a few examples of popular activities throughout different metropolitans. Of course, each unique society will have its own flair and methods of activity.

The blockchain technology underlying Chimaera’s Decentralized Autonomous Universes also allows for some revolutionary capabilities, even concepts beyond what is available in OASIS. For example, encrypted assets can act as digital keys, where only holders of the specified token or key can gain entry to their apartment, a classified meeting space, a VIP club, or any other type of private area. Additionally, beyond just the global CHI currency, players could transfer any sort of asset between one another instantly and seamlessly, perhaps through scanning a wrist interface of other avatars. Ultimately, however, much of the exciting applications will surface as the outcome of innovative initiatives by participants, both gamers and developers alike, of Chimaera’s revolutionary blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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