CHI (X) – The game currency to rule them all

CHI is the native cryptocurrency of the XAYA blockchain. It uses triple-purpose mining (PoW) for consensus. The total supply is 77.3 million CHI with about 49 million in circulation.

Transactions and on-chain game moves are powered by CHI mining fees.

CHI is now available in the ethereum ecosystem as WCHI. This does not affect the total supply. See here > Wrapped CHI


Download the XAYA Wallet

Multiple fully-decentralised, trustless wallets are available with source code.

  • Register your unique avatar name
  • Immortality on the blockchain
  • Securely HODL coins in your vault
  • Play from your gaming wallet

Analyse the content of  blocks, transactions and balances, or mine your own coins!

XAYA Block Explorer

Explorer 2


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