Software is only as good as our ability to use it, so documentation and tutorials are essential for any non-trivial software. XAYA docs and tutorials have been in the works for some time and the first batch has been released in a XAYA GitHub wiki. Further docs and tutorials will be coming for various aspects of the XAYA platform.

Getting started developing your own blockchain game with XAYA is easy. You can even develop highly-complex, decentralised games that simply aren’t possible or that are too expensive with smart contracts. Complexity is limited only by your target platform and the hardware it runs on, and not the tools you use to create your game.

Along with asset storage and a built-in payment gateway, other benefits for developers include:

  • 24/7 uptime with zero servers
  • Greater player loyalty through true in-game asset ownership, Human Mining, provable fairness, free trading, and more
  • Massive scalability
  • Proven security with triple-purpose mining
  • MMO right out of the box with no complex network programming
  • Complete toolkit
  • Language agnostic — write your game in any language you wish
  • And much more…

Best of all, XAYA is open source and completely free to use as you wish.

The newly released docs for developers can help you get started on your path to blockchain gaming glory.

The first set includes a wide range of information from end user help for the XAYA Electron wallet all the way to RPC methods and code tutorials for developers.

The home page overview provides quick descriptions of each document. Developers new to blockchain development can start with some blockchain basics and prerequisites. More experienced developers can start with the official XAYA specifications before jumping directly into a Hello World tutorial with easy videos or a more advanced Unity tutorial.

Ancillary docs and tutorials are available for RPCs, the XAYA command line interface, and regtest.

More documentation and tutorials will be coming soon. For developer assistance, join us in the XAYA Development forum.

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