From now until the end of the Chimaera presale, every contribution will reward participants with an amount of Soccer Manager Coin (SMC) equal to the amount of CHI received. SMC is the currency that will fuel the in-game economy of the newest addition to the Soccer Manager franchise, Soccer Manager Crypto. Those who have previously contributed in the private sale and previously in the presale will similarly receive SMC.

Similar to other Soccer Manager games, SMC will be used to perform actions within the game, such as player wages, stadium upgrades, etc. It can also be spent to participate in tournaments with other players. In both instances, victory translates to even more Soccer Manager Coins. SMC is a cryptocurrency. This means that, in addition to all these functions, SMC will always maintain a real-world value due to its intrinsic utility and scarcity. In other words, everything you do earns you real rewards.

Other Sweet Perks

In addition to receiving SMC, participants in the Chimaera presale also earn the privilege of early access to Soccer Manager Crypto. Before the game is released to the public, presale participates will have the first opportunity to experience this revolutionary game.

Beyond this, participants will receive a legendary soccer player, exclusive to only those contributing to the presale. This limited edition player not only has phenomenal attributes, but like SMC, is also a blockchain asset. It is similarly scarce, and can be freely transferred, traded, or sold.

Other Ways to Win

Can’t participate in the presale? No problem. Supporters of Chimaera and Soccer Manager can also get involved through the referral program. Everyone who signs up on the presale dashboard (regardless of contribution) receives a unique referral link to share throughout the Internet. When others sign up and contribute to the presale through your link, you earn! You earn CHI equal to 5% of your referrals contribution. Of course, this CHI is also complemented by an equal amount of SMC.

Sharing on social media is another great way to be rewarded. Everyone who likes and shares the Chimaera Facebook page, tweets about Chimaera, and signs up to the Chimaera newsletter are automatically enrolled in a giveaway for soccer swag. Five football jerseys from their country of choice and 10 world cup replica footballs will be given away to participants.

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