Who are the Xaya developers?

The Xaya team contributes to the Bitcoin Core code base and also maintains Namecoin, the first altcoin fork of Bitcoin. They created the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin, in 2013. Huntercoin is a fully decentralised, provably fair blockchain game with Human Mining.

What is Xaya?

Xaya is a decentralised, permissionless blockchain that is optimised for scalability and fully decentralised games and dapps.

Which blockchain is it based on?

Xaya is a fork of Namecoin (which is a fork of bitcoin).

Why do you have a custom blockchain?

Xaya is essentially a modified version of Namecoin (the first altcoin released in 2011 that we maintain).

The functionality it provides is all we need. Due to how Xaya is designed, it allows for complex, scalable, decentralised games and there is no need for complex experimental blockchain technology.

The main functionality required is a decentralised key/value storage with unique registration of human-readable names. These are used for player accounts.

Which algorithm is Xaya using for mining?

Xaya uses a special triple-purpose mining with SHA-256d and Neoscrypt.


What are the block times of Xaya?

Xaya targets 30 second blocks.

However, using game channel technology it is possible to have billions of transactions (or moves) per second in 100s of thousands of open Game Channels.

How do I get started mining CHI?

Get into the Xaya mining channel in Discord or visit our mining forum.

What is Human Mining?

Human Mining is the use of human skill and intelligence to mine (distribute) digital assets on a blockchain. These digital assets can have significant value, just like a regular cryptocurrency.

Do all games have Human Mining?

No. It is up to the developer to take advantage of the Xaya platform to properly develop a game with Human Mining. It’s not a requirement. For example, games may just have a provably fair leaderboard and not involve crypto assets at all.

How do I trade items?

The exact user interface for trading items varies between games and dapps.

Can I play real-time games with Xaya?

Yes. Real-time gameplay is enabled through Game Channels (see below).

Where can I buy CHI?
What is the total coin supply?

The total supply is 77,303,933 CHI.

The current supply can be found here:


Does Xaya have the same kind of hard to use addresses as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Yes and no.

Yes, it has those long, nearly indecipherable addresses, but it also has human readable names for accounts on the blockchain, e.g. “Alice”. So, instead of sending assets or coins to a long indecipherable address, you can simply send them to “Alice”.

Where is the CHI block explorer?

You can find the CHI block explorer here:


What are game channels?

The Game Channels technology peer-reviewed paper is available here:


Game Channels are a novel way of creating near infinite scalability for countless games and players.

They allow for real-time, trustless, decentralised games.

Are Game Channels like state channels?

They are similar, however the Game Channels paper was released earlier, and they are designed specifically for gaming without some of the downsides to the current implementations of state channels.

What are ephemeral timestamps?

Ephemeral timestamps are a novel way of guaranteeing that good faith participants are never penalised and never pay extra transaction fees. They also help reduce blockchain bloat. You can read more about them here:


Does my game have to be decentralised?

No. You can use as much or as little of the Xaya platform as you wish.

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