Taurion: Forging a Decentralised MMO

Decentralised, autonomous, boundless. Taurion is an online gaming experience like nothing before it. Spread across factions and a massive alien landscape, gamers will have the opportunity to compete and harvest resources in a limitless environment entirely driven by the player.

With roots in the pioneer Huntercoin experiment, Taurion is an evolutionary project that leverages the XAYA blockchain to create something truly unparalleled. Taurion is poised to act as a leader in ushering in the next era of online gaming. For the first time, users will experience an MMORPG experience that remains unburdened from the constraints inherent to its predecessors facilitated within traditional gaming environments.

Why Blockchain?

Taurion utilizes blockchain technology to redefine the manner in which we game with one another. The world, its players, and the game play that takes place are all stored and shared directly on the XAYA blockchain. Basing the game on blockchain infrastructure provides several key superiorities:

  • Players connect to the world and each other directly with one another. There are no centralized servers to be attacked or shut down.
  • Game play is enforced automatically and unyieldingly. Cheating is a thing of the past.
  • Users maintain complete control of their characters, buildings, resources, and items. They are free to share, sell, or trade for in-game goods or real world currencies as they see best fit. Alternatively, they can steal and destroy or protect and defend from rivals and enemies.
  • Resources and items are generated procedurally and in a provably fair, provably scarce manner. There is an inherent value of work that goes into collecting and forging said entities.
  • Conquests, wars, murders, and everything in between are catalogued and viewable until the end of time. History is immutable.
  • Future developments or changes to the game must be admitted by the majority of the player base. Developers can’t “play God”.

This results in an environment that has far better resilience, accessibility, connectivity, and functionality than what can be provided through traditional game servers. Players are empowered to build their identities, grow their factions, and succeed against their competitors. On top of this kick-ass experience, these achievements also translate to real world earnings and profit.

The New Industry Standard

Of course, Taurion is not the first instance of a blockchain game- there are dozens of instances of blockchain games across several networks. Unfortunately, many of these existing games have been held back by the infancy and growing pains of blockchain gaming, something to be expected across any growing niche. Issues of speed, cost, and scalability have burdened players and developers across the board. Savvy developers have been able to alleviate some of these shortcomings with strategic compromises and workarounds, but the underlying inefficiencies persist nonetheless.

Fortunately for us, XAYA was built exactly with the existing concerns of blockchain gaming in mind. As a custom blockchain made specifically for gaming, there are several peculiarities and unique components of XAYA that encourage, rather than strangle, blockchain game play. As a result, the network provides an ecosystem that is prepared to foster blockchain gaming at the same level of activity and stress as traditional counterparts. This video provides a more in-depth explanation of the unique components of XAYA that make it perfect for blockchain games of all types.

The Result

Building Taurion as a blockchain game that is not burdened by the constraints of existing blockchain games enables a game play that empowers players unlike any other on the market. Users will cooperate and compete as they fill various roles and niches within their factions and alliances in order to grow, conquer, and profit. Players will partake in a 4X style environment (that is, “explore, expand, exploit, exterminate”) harbored within a decentralised, massively-multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) universe.

Like a virtual, futuristic adaptation of the Wild West, Taurion is a scathing planet of peril and prowess that will allow gamers to reach a level of achievement not possible in traditional gaming outlets. This is the start of the decentralised gaming revolution.

Find out more about Taurion at https://taurion.io/

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