The Treat Fighter open beta will reset and change gears to competition mode very soon! This last stretch of open beta gives you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. So, if you’re not already playing Treat Fighter, now’s a good time to get some practice and figure out some strategies so you can win some of those prizes.

And speaking of prizes, here’s the list of goodies you could win!

  1. 5,000 CHI
  2. 2,000 CHI
  3. 1,000 CHI
  4. The next top 20 people get 100 CHI

More prizes will be announced when the competition starts.

Treat Fighter Roster


Great question! You can get started in 3 steps:

  1. Get the XAYA Electron wallet
  2. Get some CHI
  3. Get Treat Fighter


You can download the latest XAYA Electron wallet here:

Simply install it as normal, then wait for the blockchain to fully synchronise.


If you’ve received CHI from sales or bounties, you’re good to go!

If not, you can buy CHI at


Treat Fighter is a free download and is available at the Tricky Fast Studios website here:

Choose the download with the pre-sync’d database to get started faster.


Remember that Treat Fighter will be reset just prior to the open beta competition, so don’t spend too much CHI before then as all gains will be wiped out in order for everyone to be on a level playing field.

When you first play the game, you’ll be prompted with “first time user experience” that will help guide you. Don’t skip over them too fast! There’s some important information in there, e.g. if you’re having a tough time getting into a tournament, you can create a second account to battle yourself and save time.

Over time, you’ll learn new tactics and strategies that will help you excel and dominate in Canedoom.

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