The current state of in-game asset trading is basically limited to trading items inside of the same game. XAYA shatters this limitation and allows gamers to trade anything from any game with anyone.

It achieves this through having in-game assets stored on the blockchain. Once they’re there, an atomic swap makes trading items trivial.

How it Works

Alice and Bob want to trade. Alice has a powerful sword from a fantasy adventure MMORPG, but wants to join in a space RTS game. Bob is in the game Alice wants to join, and has some items and game currency. They chat and decide to make a trade.

1) Bob makes an offer of a hovercraft, a plasma rifle, and 1,000 game coins for Alice’s rare sword and she accepts the offer.

2) Alice initiates the trade with her sword for the bundle of items and coins, and signs a transaction that is sent to Bob.

3) Bob signs the transaction and completes the trade.

4) Both Alice and Bob get what they wanted.

While they technically “sign” the transactions, those technical details are hidden from them under a smoother UX. Alice and Bob drag and drop items into a “trade proposal”, and when they’re both happy, they simply click an “Accept Trade” button. When they’ve both accepted the trade, it processes and their new items appear in their inventories.

Person to Person vs Markets

Above, Alice and Bob traded directly with each other, but in other trading markets, players can simply post an item or bundle, and wait for other people to make an offer. Multiple offers can be made, and whichever looks best can be accepted.

There are many ways to trade, and XAYA removes limitations while guaranteeing safety and security.

Visit to read more about the benefits of blockchain gaming on the XAYA platform.

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