Mud Hero Studios is putting a new game on the Xaya blockchain: Isles of War. Isles of War is a real-time strategy game where players develop islands, and conquer other players’ islands. It is currently in beta testing and open to the public.

Isles of War has a WWII feel to it and is reminiscent of the war in the Pacific where battles were fought over many different islands. Players get to choose what nation/country they want to be, and there’s even a Xaya nation option for true blockchain enthusiasts.

From their command base, players search for islands to either harvest resources and defend, or attack if the island belongs to another player already.


Islands can produce 3 kinds of resources: oil, metal, and concrete. These can then be used to create military units, or they can be traded in the Player Market.

The Player Market is an open, free market where players can freely trade with each other, unlike in many games where there is little or no player-to-player trading or exchange.

The developers have said that a future update will allow players to sell Warbux for CHI, cementing a full circle economic model into the game, which will seal the deal on Isles of War supporting Human Mining.

Players can also pool the 3 resources and receive payouts after a set number of blocks have passed. And similarly for the in-game currency WarBux, players can sell depleted islands to put WarBux into a pool and then receive a portion of the pool after a set number of blocks have passed.

Resources can also be purchased in the game as “Warbux Pax” with CHI.


To attack, players must first create troops, tanks, and aircraft, then assemble them into squads for an invasion. Unit categories include troops, tanks, and aircraft, all styled similar to WWII units.


Isles of War happens entirely on the blockchain. This is a pretty exciting thing to see. Mud Hero Studio could have centralised the game and only used the Xaya blockchain for simple asset storage, but instead they’ve gone the true blockchain gaming route with all moves open and transparently on the blockchain.


The open beta has attracted a good amount of attention from people in the Xaya community. Their Discord channel (and the Xaya Discord Isles of War channel) has been buzzing with activity. The Mud Hero Studios developers have been extremely responsive, and have been hard at work solving bug reports and quickly delivering game updates.

People looking to join the open beta can download Isles of War from a pinned message in the Mud Hero Studios Discord. Also, make certain to ping the developers in Discord and ask for a resource airdrop so that you can play for free.

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