New functionality has been added to the XAYA wallet v1.2.1. You can now have multiple name updates for the same name in the same block. This will make gaming easier and better as well as being more profitable for miners who can include more transactions.

This update is currently only for miners. It is not a hard fork, but we would like all miners to update first. By doing so you will be able to process more transactions per block.

What is a name update & why is this awesome?

When you make a move in a game, you update your name (player account) with a new value on the XAYA blockchain, i.e. your move in the game is entered into the blockchain. Technically, this is the “name_update” RPC method.

Previously you could only have 1 name update per name per block, which means that you could only have 1 move per block. This could be very limiting or slow depending on the game.

The new XAYA wallet lets you update a name more than once in a block, so you can have multiple moves in that same block. This leads to easier, faster and better gameplay.

Why would I make more than 1 move?

There are different reasons for why you might want to make more than 1 move, and they’re mostly dependent upon the game you’re playing.

One possible reason is that you’re making many moves or very complex moves inside of 1 name update, and the space required for that command is more than 2KB. Recall that the maximum length of a name update is 2KB, so in these cases, multiple name updates may be required.

Probably one of the more important reasons for this change is, for example, with the game Taurion you can control many accounts and have many units under each account. This has a few advantages but many disadvantages, such as juggling multiple accounts, in-game balances and assets get confusing and messy in the front end, and losing immersion and fame (you don’t know who is who). The change allows 1 name to control many, many units easier.

This update also prevents the player’s account becoming locked for ~30 seconds a time.

How do I update?

Miners can either download the latest XAYA wallet or build xayad from the open source code available on our GitHub repository here. If building from source, use the 1.2 branch.

For general users, you can download the QT wallet from our Github repository or wait for XAYA Electron 1.2.1 in the coming weeks.

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