So you’ve got a set of keys to a lovely Lambo, but you’ve lost the Lambo. What good are the keys? That’s what makes ownership on the XAYA blockchain different — you always have the Lambo. But maybe we should look a bit at why that is…

Ownership through data storage is a side effect of a blockchain. That is, it’s trivial to store data alongside an address. If ownership like this were all that were required for item ownership in video games, it would likely be faster and easier for XAYA to do this on the Dogecoin blockchain (20th largest cryptocurrency). Of course that ignores any other consideration, but it should serve to illustrate that ownership at a basic level is a “given” when dealing with blockchain.

However, suppose we did write a game and used Dogecoin for asset storage. What happens when we stop developing that game? What happens when we retire the game? What happens to those assets we’d stored? The only thing you have are that set of keys.

And now they’re useless.

In our Dogecoin scenario, when a game dies, so do those assets. They’re no longer usable. Sure, you can still “own” them and you can still send them to other people. But they can’t be used in the game because the game is gone.

Enter XAYA.

Blockchain games powered by XAYA don’t merely use the XAYA blockchain for data storage; they run the actual game on the blockchain.

What does that mean?

It means that not only are your in-game assets guaranteed by the blockchain, but you can also use them beyond the game’s end-of-life. This reality is decentralized.

In other words, games on the blockchain can run forever. Immortal. Undying. Eternal. Even after the developers abandon the game. You get to keep your Lambo.

Welcome to the XAYA blockchain.

Welcome to true ownership.

Of course, there are advantages of using the blockchain for game assets in centralized games: it allows a more secure transfer of assets between players, trading, and in some cases less work for the developers and less maintenance, and hacking/duping is a thing of the past.

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