Our pre-sale has ended with over 22 million CHI sold for about 2.1 million USD at the time of the end of the presale.

The initial framework and documentation will be released over the next couple of months.


We have partnered with 2 game studios and are working very closely with them to build the first 2 games on the Chimaera platform — development has already started.

Treat Fighter — A collectable, crafting and trading game. The TrickyFast team are industry veterans, working on some of the biggest AAA titles from Command and Conquer through to the latest MMORPGs. Treat Fighter is scheduled for release in around a month’s time.


Soccer Manager Crypto (SMC) — This well-known brand has over 50 million downloads on multiple platforms. SMC is a true revolution in football management with blockchain gaming. Soccer Manager Crypto is being promoted to existing users and we expect to see it go mainstream.


In case you didn’t know, all private pre-sale and pre-sale participants will also receive the same amount of SMC coins for every CHI purchased, along with a limited edition tradeable soccer player and early access to the game.

On top of this, we’ll be building more fun and competitive games that will showcase our game channel technology and be unlike anything on the market.


The core blockchain client is currently running on testnet. It is being used by our partners for development, and has been in use for several months now.

The wallet and mainnet will be launched in June, at which point you can supply us with your CHI address to receive your coins. This is a few weeks later than we anticipated due to the extension of the pre-sale.

As we will be launching our main sale (see below) in August, we won’t be able to distribute all owed coins as this could affect the outcome of the main sale (undercutting or even listing on exchanges).

The simplest solution to this will be to distribute a token amount of CHI (approximately 50) to all private and pre-sale participants.

These CHI can be used to reserve your names/usernames/accounts in the Chimaera blockchain and allow you to test or play Treat Fighter, amongst other things.

The rest of the CHI will be distributed after the main sale, first to private sale participants, then to presale participants and finally to main sale participants.


With the pre-sale completed, we aim to launch the Chimaera main sale in August. This will give us time to release the core and content.

In the period between now and the start of the main sale we have opened a new private sale in which participants can take part at a 25% discount, but will also be required to purchase a minimum of 15,000 EUR worth of CHI. Due diligence checks will be required, such as proof of ID and source of funds.

We are also in discussions with 2 ICO launching platforms that we may use as a trial between now and the main sale.

In order to further the goal of broader financial inclusion, we’ll be using CHI as a payment method for services when possible.

Again, thank you for your support, and get ready for the ultimate platform!

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