1. Open beta starts (download now)
  2. First game starts Saturday the 7th of November
  3. FREE 30,000 Soccer Manager Coins (SMC) when you sign up.
  4. First come, first served for Shares.
  5. THOU$AND$ in prizes
  6. Get started now!


The open beta is starting now so everyone can join!

To get started:

  • Download SM Elite
  • Get in our Discord
  • In Discord you’ll be able to use the live notifications bot to receive notifications regarding share sales and purchases, and manager and agent propositions for any clubs or players you own shares in. Ask in the chat for more information.

A game guide is available here in different languages >


Regular matches take place every Saturday and Wednesday. Cups are on Mondays.

The first game starts on Saturday 7th November. Make sure to download and get started well before then. You’ll be able to start buying shares right now.

You’ll need to do a few things to prepare:

  • Get your free pack & 30,000 SMC (see below)
  • Buy shares in clubs & players
  • Propose yourself as manager or an agent for the club/player you want
  • Vote for yourself
  • Convince others to vote for you!

FREE 30,000 SMC

When you sign up for a free starter pack, you’ll also get 30,000 SMC (Soccer Manager Coins) for FREE! SMC are the in-game currency. (Read more in the SM Elite guide here.)

You’ll need this SMC to buy shares in clubs and players.

The more shares you have, the greater voting power you have. So, if you want to manage a club, it’s a good idea to buy shares in that club. You can also campaign to get other club shareholders to vote for you to be the manager.


There is no special treatment for anyone. It’s first come, first served.

Shares in the top clubs and players will sell out fast, so make certain that you’re first in line!


There are thousands of $$$ in prizes ready for you to WIN!

There are cash prizes for:

  • Top 100 managers
  • Top 20 players who earn the most SMC

The top 50 managers will receive 200 CHI (a cryptocurrency like bitcoin) and the next 50 managers will receive 100 CHI.

The top 20 players who earn the most SMC will receive 100 CHI.

NOTE: Signing up with multiple accounts will disqualify you.


Here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Download SM Elite
  2. Get into our Discord
  3. Read the SM Elite guide

We’ll see you on the pitch!

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