As it currently stands, the blockchain gaming industry is simply an infant, with current initiatives providing minimal content and existing “gameplay” hardly qualifying as gameplay at all. However, Soccer Manager Crypto appears poised to set a new precedent for the potential and capabilities of blockchain games. This football management simulator represents the next installment of a franchise populated by 10s of million players, as well as the first full-fledged game to pioneer a serverless infrastructure built directly on blockchain technology, through its publishing on Chimaera’s custom blockchain.

Soccer Manager Crypto will utilize its own cryptocurrency, SMC, as well the native cryptocurrency to the Chimaera blockchain, CHI. In game, players will be able to earn these cryptocurrencies as they progress through the game, as well as compete in head-to-head matches and online tournaments. Beyond this, the nature of the Chimaera blockchain infrastructure asserts that players will have full and liquid ownership of their players and other virtual items- allowing them full capacity to trade with one another directly, or through markets or other trade environments.

What this Means for Players

Of course, it is clear that the implications Soccer Manager Crypto will have on blockchain gaming is massive. But how does this translate to a superior experience for prospective players and the current millions of players?

Soccer Manager Crypto revolutionizes the way in which gamers interact with their virtual economies. The currency that governs the in-game economy, SMC, unlike existing virtual currencies, maintains a proven, verifiable real world value. This value is derived from three sources, and sets the foundation for an entirely new style of gaming, Play-to-Earn gaming.

1. Unwavering Scarcity

The fundamental nature of cryptocurrency suggests that these currencies represent a finite supply. This supply cannot be altered or disrupted by any party, and the method in which the cryptocurrency is distributed is automatic and ultimate. There is a limited number of SMC that can and ever will exist. The code that dictates the manner in which SMC can be earned or claimed is transparent and non-adjustable. Not only do players compete against or progress throughout the game to accumulate SMC, they must also achieve beyond their opponents to accumulate a growing percentage of the total supply of SMC.

2. Backed by Blockchain

The blockchain infrastructure in which Soccer Manager Crypto is built upon asserts a few values. The first is that SMC, alongside the players and items offered in the game, are secured by the blockchain. This confirms a hacker-proof environment. There is no method in which hackers or cheaters can exploit the game or the framework to create currencies or players. Additionally, players maintain complete ownership of their currencies and virtual assets, verified by the blockchain. Items from accounts cannot be duplicated, stolen, or deleted. Items can only change hands with the consent of the player.

The second value is the “work” behind blockchain-based assets. The Soccer Manager Crypto and Chimaera blockchain architecture is propagated and supported by miners who dedicate the computing power of their machines and hardware servers all over the world. The energy and technology utilized by these miners to uphold the ecosystem maintains some value.

This suggests that the resources spent by nodes and miners can be translated to an intrinsic value behind the currencies utilized in Soccer Manager Crypto. This implies that gameplay will never be a zero value pursuit.

3. Virtual Utility

Like all sound video game currencies, SMC has inherent use within the game. Whether it be to purchase players, place wagers, or enter tournaments, SMC has a variety of uses within Soccer Manager Crypto. Of course, the virtual assets of the game, alongside SMC, also hold some level of intrinsic value and utility for the same reasons SMC does. This further promotes the real world value of SMC, as its virtual purchasing power also reflects a real world metric.

Beyond utility within Soccer Manager Crypto, SMC also holds a potential to be applied in other environments. Whether it be by the developers in future iterations of the game, by fans of the game who hold SMC, or simply enthusiasts within the Chimaera ecosystem, any individual has the opportunity to develop other applications that incorporates SMC. This is different from legacy game currencies, as SMC only maintains this potential due to the blockchain-based nature of the cryptocurrency.

An Evolution in the Way We Play

The real world economy fostered within Soccer Manager Crypto provide its players a unique opportunity as a pioneer example of true blockchain gaming. In many “freemium” games (that is, Free-to-Play games that utilize in-app purchases), players experience increasing costs to sustain higher and higher levels of gameplay. In extreme situations, such an economy represents a Pay-to-Win gaming experience, where success and achievements in the game are exclusively awarded with those who spend the most money.

For Soccer Manager Crypto, the complete opposite is true. As all players have the potential to accumulate SMC and CHI, players are actually compensated for their playtime. In higher and higher levels, players are capable of earning larger and larger values of currency and other virtual assets. In such a system, gamers are awarded for their skill, dedication, and even participation. Play-to-Earn gaming is radically superior to traditional means of gaming, and Soccer Manager Crypto likely represents the first legitimate instance of the future of gaming.

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