The Soccer Manager Elite game mechanics preview is ready.

In it Soccer Manager explains many of the details that people have been asking about.

This is a massive revolution in how management games are played. In it, you can take on any of 3 roles:


  • ​​​​​​​Managers manage clubs and teams as per normal Football Management games
  • Make sure your club is happy though or you could get “fired”
  • Earn wages
  • Become the best of the best in 1 massive game world
  • Managers are assigned by shareholders


  • Shareholders own shares in clubs
  • Receive dividends from your club’s profits
  • Vote on club strategies
  • Change the manager
  • Change wages for the manager
  • Block player purchases/sales


  • ​​​​​​​Agents manage individual soccer players
  • Similar to shares in clubs, players can be agents for soccer players
  • Agents receive a percentage of the soccer player’s wages

SME has an exciting economic model where success is rewarded.

To find out more about this revolutionary game, check out the tentative list of game mechanics here:

The competition is starting soon, so get in there, find out what it’s about, and join the discussion in Discord and the forums!

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