The Crypto Games Conference in Minsk was incredibly busy for the XAYA team. The event itself was excellent with many top names in the blockchain gaming space attending and people looking for partnerships.

The XAYA exhibit booth was all but overrun with people interested in the XAYA platform as well as those looking to develop on XAYA or partner with us. As it stands, the conference was quite productive and it appears we have several highly promising partnerships in the works; we’ll post more about those at the appropriate times.

Dr. Daniel Kraft’s presentation, “High Scalability “, was very well received. In it, Dr. Kraft walks through how XAYA’s solution to scalability and its architecture is uniquely suited to true blockchain gaming: fully decentralised games without servers. Some of his points in the presentation may seem subtle for blockchain beginners, but they go quite deep and have far ranging consequences that clearly distinguish XAYA from other platforms. You can watch his presentation here (cued to 2:37:00):


Here’s Daniel giving his presentation as mentioned above.

Daniel answered many questions from people at our booth.

There were a few lulls, which gave the team a chance to catch their breath. Here are Daniel and Konstantin at the booth.

As with most of the team, Konstantin works non-stop.

Soccer Manager CEO Andrew Gore sat on the panel “Conventional Game Developer’s Perspective on Blockchain Gaming — Experts Opinion”. Andrew is seated at the end on the left.

From left to right at the XAYA booth: Andrew Gore, Konstantin Gorskov, Daniel Kraft, and Andrew Colosimo.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impression of XAYA on many influencers.

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