Taurion — True Blockchain Gaming — Decentralised Sandbox MMO — Human Mining

Our first post on our upcoming title.

We’ve been hard at work on our in-house MMO. And it’s going to blow your socks off. A True Blockchain Game.

This is what we see as real blockchain gaming, decentralised worlds.

A massive world to explore

Taurion is a game set 1000s of years in the future, after the great Exodus from Earth when the 12 Houses headed out to the far reaches of the galaxies to find a new home.

3 Houses settled on planets not far from each other in the same sector of the galaxy (not far in galaxy terms) –

House Reubo — personify intelligence and understanding
House Ephrati — represent ministration of patience and assiduity
House Jodon — represent strength of power

Each house’s planets are low on natural resources for construction and general living…

Until, a strange signal was detected emanating from a solar system in the sector. All 3 houses sent scouts to the area. The source of the signal was found to be a hostile planet, not dis-similar to the ancient planet from the old texts known as Mars.

Landing parties from the 3 tribes began to examine the surface…

And there it was — a structure of exquisite beauty was discovered; it was not natural. Inside were ancient texts that even with the technology from the Reubo’s could not be translated. Except for one word, a word written in the old tongue, the name of the planet.


Although we are early in development, what we have now is already orders of magnitude more complex, more decentralised, and imo more interesting than any other blockchain games out there (not including Huntercoin). Think of Taurion as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation like those that have been heavily discussed in the past, only this encompasses an entire game universe that runs totally autonomous and is unstoppable.

The basics of the Decentralised Autonomous World — Taurion.

  • A Persistent Sandbox MMO
  • Massive Autonomous World with no servers
  • Cannot be shut down
  • Prospecting / Mining — Human Mining — Earn Crypto / Assets by playing — (truly decentralised and provably fair asset acquisition)
  • Strategy / Social / Alliances / Betrayal / Reputation
  • Factions
  • Trading / Market Place
  • Building
  • Crafting
  • Transporting
  • Hiring / Escorting
  • Exploring
  • Combat
  • Training
  • Vehicles
  • And much more…

How best to describe it?

As mentioned in previous posts — CIV / Eve / Elite / Dune 2 / Huntercoin / — except on a planet.

Taurion will also integrate Xaya ID (XID).

Xaya ID is a dapp that runs on XAYA and will allow secure and trustless chat and communication in games based on XAYA, as well as for many other non-gaming use cases.

Where are we at now? (See our forums for updates as they become available.)

3rd March:

Base Map Completed

  • A Base Map has been designed that consists of approximately 64 million hexagonal tiles. (~8000 x ~8000)
  • Dependent on vehicle movement speed (light vehicles are fast, heavy vehicles slow, and also some upgrades will increase/decrease speed), it could take from 1 day to months to traverse the entire map
  • The map has obstacle layers that are not walkable
  • It has been integrated into the backend code base (it’s part of the Game State Processor)
  • Graphic tweaks and areas will be added to the map over time.


Character Creation

  • Base character creation has been implemented into the GSP and front end
  • You can now create a XAYA name inside the game (e.g. p/snailbrain)
  • You can now create a character registered to a name and select its faction
  • Choose between 1 of 3 factions (red, green, and blue for now)
  • Costs 5 testnet CHI
  • Characters spawn on the map

Vehicle Movement

  • Vehicle movement is implemented into the GSP and front end
  • The game-state code supports movement of speeds from 0.001 tiles per block to 10+. In the testing version, this is fixed
  • Speed in released game will depend on:
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle addons
  • Player skill levels
  • Vehicle debuffs (being slowed)
  • Ground type (swampy? hard? sand?)
  • Computes shortest path / avoids obstacles

Vehicles in videos are placeholders for now.


Combat / HP / Shield / Regen — All tracked in the game state of the game

  • Basic base combat implemented in GSP (backend) and front end.
  • Each vehicle attacks the closest enemy (other factions atm) — this computation alone would be too costly in other platforms (in a decentralised autonomous way)
  • Each vehicle does damage to the other vehicle each block. In released version, damage is based on:
  • Weapons
  • Damage resistance against type of weapon used against
  • Some small amount of luck (dice roll)
  • Vehicle speed, complexity, — a massive battle vehicle will have a hard time hitting a tiny fast vehicle, but if it does hit, it will do enormous dmg
  • Each vehicle has Armour Health Points (shown in red)
  • Each vehicle has Shield Health Points (shown in blue)
  • Shield HP regenerates over time
  • When a vehicle dies, that character is removed from the game world (for now)


We are happy to answer any questions thus far.


By Andrew Colosimo

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