Thank you to everyone that helped test Taurion in our recent Treasure Hunt #2 competition. It was fun and lots of people are taking home some great prizes.


Thanks to everyone that participated and tested this Taurion tech demo, we were able to find various bugs and fix them. We also optimized portions of the game for better performance. It was your participation and bug reporting in Telegram and Discord that really helped move Taurion forward.


Officially, the game ended at Xaya block 1,553,006. Of all the players that joined, only 132 remained at the end. The rest were killed. Players collectively had 2,811 units over the course of the competition, with 1,799 being killed and 1,012 units remaining with 59 Jodon (red) units, 666 Ephrati (green) units, and 287 Reubo (blue) units at the end of the game.

War and battle played a large role in this competition. The Jodons were completely crushed by the Ephrati. Many players lost their prizes to other bandit players while on their way back to the obelisks to bank them. Of particular note, the player “Shillybilly” and his gang were notorious in the game for robbing other players, including 2 highly coveted 1% shares in a Soccer Manager Elite soccer club.

The SME shares were particularly sought after. Player Pandora91 found some, and immediately received offers to buy them. Player Chainsaw purchased them for $100 USD then spent another $100 USD on additional vehicles to escort the shares to an obelisk to bank. However, Shillybilly swept in too quickly and robbed Chainsaw of the SME shares. There were other epic dramas and battles for other prizes too.

We originally stated that this competition was a free-for-all with NO RULES regarding camping, killing, or anything like that. Consequently the blood-thirst and banditry of some players ruined the fun for some others, and we’ve listened to people’s feedback on that. We knew that this was a possibility for this pre-alpha tech demo with limited features, but it won’t be like that in the full game, and if we run another competition, we’ll make sure that the game is fun for everyone.



Not all of the prospecting prizes were won.

  1. Gold $1,000 — none won
  2. Silver $500 — Tonchux (1)
  3. Bronze $100 — Lord Shiva (1), Shillybilly (1), Tonchux (1), liquidx (1), vikki (2),


Most players focused on prospecting to win some of the blockchain assets from our Prize Partners. Consequently, not all mining prizes were won, but many of the players that did go for mining points and Taurion medium vehicle prizes went hard core on mining.

Mining wasn’t easy. Players needed to get 20 of each resource type to get 1 mining point and 1 Taurion medium vehicle. However, resources were spread out with some only being available in certain areas behind enemy lines. This made it challenging.


While there were no prizes for kills, many players enthusiastically hunted down others. Overall, there were 69 players with at least 1 kill. The top killers were:

Killing makes you famous, or infamous, and earns you Fame points. The following are the players with the top fame and the prizes they won for their efforts.

Since the 3rd, 4th, and 5th places were all tied, they equally share in those prizes.


There were 4,319 prizes to be won, and listing all of the winners here would be too lengthy. However, you can download the end-of-competition statistics here:

In there you’ll find a complete list of which players banked which prizes.

Again, we must give a great shout out and big thank you to all our fantastic Prize Partners for donating all the great blockchain assets for players to win. These are everyone that participated with blockchain asset prizes:


We’ve compiled a spreadsheet of all prizes by player. You can see it here:


Additional end-of-competition statistics are available for download in our forums here:


Again, we want to thank all the fantastic players that fought hard on Taurion to help test it and win all their prizes. You helped make this a fantastic and successful competition.


Your Xaya and Taurion Team


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