Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition Ends — Winners Announced

The Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition finished at XAYA block 394,050 shortly after 7 PM EST. (The block was estimated several hours prior and rounded up to the nearest 10th block.)

Prestige Leaderboard

Winning first place with 9,548 prestige points is DonRinkula. Those keeping an eye on the game and in Telegram would’ve seen that he managed the difficult feat of cooking not 1, but many Epic quality Treats, and even ranked some up past the maximum sweetness level.

Second place goes to PandaBoss with 8,665 prestige points, narrowly beating out 1 John by 30 points in the final few hours.

Special mention goes to the next 20 who all win 100 CHI each.

Final competition rankings

Prizes are as follows:


The competition was intense with frequent position changes and incredibly tight point spreads between players.

The larger scale of the open beta competition helped stress Treat Fighter, providing valuable data and player feedback on the game.

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