You slowly open your eyes. Everything is still a bit foggy. You focus looking down at the dance floor; it’s still a fractal ocean with dancing fish flying up towards you and then back down. Your head is pounding.

You wobble while you try to stand up, floating 30 feet above the ocean dance floor; you only make it far enough to pull yourself up onto your hands and knees. Looking around, it seems most people have left the club, but a few fell asleep (or passed out) just like you. You’re still wearing your TransReal® Impact Body VR Suit™.

What happened? Your memory of last night is failing.

Still staring down at the turbulent ocean below, you continue, struggling to stand up. The waves are disorienting and your stomach is beginning to churn. Just as you begin to taste an unpleasant “morning after” in your throat, it dawns on you to remove your headset and turn off your VR body suit.

The sudden familiar surroundings of your condo VR room hit you harder than the waves. Well, at least the floor and some empty cans of your favourite beverage anyway. You stagger and stumble to regain your balance, only doing so once you’ve crashed into the padded wall. At least you don’t feel as nauseous anymore, but the sudden unplug (and hangover) has left you dizzy and clutching at the wall for stability.

You take a step towards the couch, but falter and careen into it, less “sitting down” than falling and crashing. Picking yourself up and sitting straight you lean on your knees for support with your head in your hand. On your other wrist is your suit’s control pad. The display reads “RECORDING STOPPED”.

“Oh God…” you think to yourself, “What happened and do I even want to know?” Bravely, you tap the play button on your control pad. The ceiling holoprojectors light up the room with an overlay.

Still with your head in your hands, you notice your VR suit pants aren’t on. You recoil in surprise only to see several other people sprawled across the floor in your VR room, similarly with only half their VR body suits on.

You must’ve invited some people from the club over at some point, but, what did happen last night in “virtual reality”? The holoprojector begins recounting the events for you just as your doorbell rings…

Curious about blockchain gaming possibilities?

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