A while back we partnered with Refereum to use their Growth Engine. It lets people sign up and share content to earn points towards CHI.

However, in order to give people CHI, we need their CHI addresses first. And we need this BEFORE Monday September 10th. If we don’t have it by then, we will not be able to give you your CHI.


The process is very simple.

  1. Download a XAYA wallet (see here or here)
  2. Create a CHI address (see here or here)
  3. Enter your CHI address into the Growth Engine (see video above)

When CHI coins are distributed, we’ll have your address and be able to send your coins to you. However, if you don’t give us an address, we won’t be able to send your coins to you.

If you’re participating in the Growth Engine, please watch the video and give us your CHI address.

To be clear… if you do not give us your CHI address by Monday September 10th, you will not receive anything. Help us, help you!

Good luck!

Your XAYA Team

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