Winning. One of the best things in life! And this is your chance to win up to 5,000 CHI or any one of our other great prizes!

The Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition runs for 2 weeks from November 19th. The rules are simple:

  • Download the new competition build that will be posted on Nov. 19th
  • Play your best to gain the greatest Prestige and rank up in the Leaderboard
  • WIN!

Ok, well, “WIN!” isn’t really a rule, but you get the idea. Other rules and conditions are below.

Treat Fighter will be reset on Nov. 19th, and you must use the competition download that will be posted when the competition starts. The reset means that all previous progress prior to Nov. 19th will be lost: all Treats, candies, and scores will be gone. This puts everyone on a level playing field where nobody has any advantage over anyone else. In a word, it makes the competition fair.

Treats in the Treat Fighter Roster


As above, the competition runs for 2 weeks starting Nov. 19th. It will start at approximately 7 PM EST, but the exact time is actually a block height defined in the competition download. At 7 PM EST the download link will become public and people can start playing.

Similarly, the competition closes 2 weeks later, but the exact time is a block height, and can only be announced closer to the actual closing on Dec. 3rd at 7 PM. The block height will approximate 7 PM and will be announced then. Most likely it will be rounded to an order of magnitude, e.g. nearest 10th, 100th, or 1,000th block. Make sure to monitor


Please keep in mind that this is still currently the beta phase. There may be bugs and you could lose Treats, candies, and progress in the game. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to monitor the XAYA Telegram channel and forums. There you can check database hashes and compare them to yours in Treat Fighter under Settings > About. Make sure to post your DB hash as well.


There are some fantastic prizes and some of them are 100% unique that you’ll likely NEVER see again. Check them out:

These unique Bronze Treats are special editions that you can’t normally obtain in the game, and a true status symbol.


To get started, visit the Tricky Fast Studios download page for Treat Fighter here:

All the information you need to get started is there.


If you want to make sure that you’ve got the best speed advantage, download and install the XAYA Electron wallet ASAP and have some CHI ready. You’ll need the XAYA blockchain fully sync’d in order to play, so it’s best to just leave it running 24/7.

You don’t need to worry about Treat Fighter as the competition download is set to the competition starting block. This means you’ll at most only need to sync a few blocks, and not everything.

DISCLAIMER: Staff at Tricky Fast Studios are the final arbiters and their decisions are final. They may disqualify any participant for unsportsmanlike conduct or any reason. All rights are reserved by Tricky Fast Studios and no rights are given directly or indirectly to anyone.

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