The XAYA team is pleased to announce that we are working with the good people at Refereum as a launch partner for their Growth Engine. The Growth Engine will enable XAYA to continually grow our community and provide targeted activities for members to stay engaged with one another and the XAYA team.

The Growth Engine is the collection of tools that Refereum used to orchestrate a successful coin offering that focused on community development and engagement. Refereum maintains one of the largest Telegram communities, and holds the achievement as the first blockchain company in Telegram to reach the maximum population of 100,000.

XAYA’s Growth Engine

The Refereum Growth Engine allows XAYA to unify community, modes of communication, and promote engagement through the gamification of user activities. The gamification involves awarding points for simple activities: signing up on our forum, retweeting and sharing content, referring new users to join our Telegram and our social networks, among other actions. Accrued points for each individual will rank them among different tiers and as top community members. Points will accumulate throughout the duration of each campaign. The initial campaign will last until the start of the main sale, on August 29. At the end of the campaign, rewards of CHI token will be designated to each tier and Chi tokens will continue to increase the following campaign, further rewarding active community members.

Through this initiative, XAYA is aiming to grow into a massive, active community of avid gamers and game developers. Very soon, these activities will expand to incentivize user-based content creation, such as meme submissions,video and article creation.

The main sale will run from August 29th to October 10th on the Qryptos cryptocurrency exchange. These are just the first of many exciting events for XAYA, and with the help of Refereum’s Growth Engine, we’re excited to grow and engage our gaming community in meaningful ways.

See Xaya’s Growth Engine live here!