XAYA v1.1 Implements Planned Hard Fork at Block 440,000

The XAYA v1.1 daemon has been released with the planned hard fork to take place at block 440,000. All wallet software should be updated prior to this. This is a major release with milestones here.

This hard fork updates network parameters and includes other improvements. Most noteworthy are the block schedule and block reward updates.

The block schedule now targets 1 Neoscrypt block every 40 seconds (3 per 2 minutes) and 1 SHA-256d block every 2 minutes for an average of 1 XAYA block every 30 seconds.

Block rewards at and after block 440,000 on mainnet are set to 3.82934346 CHI while testnet rewards are arbitrarily set to 10 CHI. This is in-line with the roadmap to adjust the mining reward after the token sale ended.

Along with other improvements, this release adds a XAYA-specific ZMQ interface that makes it easier to build games on the XAYA platform and is needed for interoperability with libxayagame.

For those wishing to mine CHI in mining pools, another update allows for Stratum mining pools to use the Neoscrypt algorithm.

Windows users can download the XAYA Electron wallet here. Linux and Mac OS X users can download the XAYA QT wallet here.

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