CHI is the native cryptocurrency of the XAYA blockchain. It uses triple-purpose mining (PoW) for consensus. The total supply is 77.3 million CHI with about 60 million in circulation. Transactions and on-chain game moves are powered by CHI mining fees. CHI is now available in the ethereum ecosystem as WCHI. This does not affect the total supply.

Xaya allows the creation of unique tokens called Xaya Names which act as a decentralized ID or usernames in games.
These can be created on the Xaya Core Blockchain in the Xaya wallets or you can create them on Polygon using this page >
Polygon Xaya Names

It has been decided upon consensus that the Xaya Core chain will have a snapshot some time in the near future and CHI holders will be able to to claim in a trustless decentralized way their CHI coins as WCHI tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The Xaya Core chain will then have no support and any coins minted past that time will not be able to bridge to Ethereum.
The team and the community believe this is the best way forward based on the current direction of blockchain development. Keep an eye in discord and blogs for any news and the prewarning.


Blockchain Overview

Genesis Date

July 03, 2018

Circulating Supply

~60 million

Total Supply

77,3 million

Algo 1

Sha256d Merge Mineable

Algo 2



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By creating WCHI, CHI can circulate on the Ethereum blockchain where it can be traded in markets such as Uniswap. This provides much broader access to CHI in the markets as people can use their existing Ethereum wallets, such as Metamask, to hold their WCHI without needing a Xaya wallet.

WCHI and HTLC contract addresses for Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Arbitrum One, and testnets are on the WCHI GitHub repository here.

To exchange CHI for WCHI and vice versa - contact the team in discord for a 1:1 swap.

Xaya - True Blockchain Gaming

Coin Information

Multiple fully-decentralised, trustless wallets are available with source code.

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Register your unique avatar name

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Immortality on the blockchain

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    Securely HODL coins in your vault

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    Play from your gaming wallet



XAYA Block Explorer

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