Huntercoin is an Open Source Crypto Currency similar to Bitcoin. It does NOT run on the XAYA platform however XAYA is based on (or originated from) the same technology and was developed by the same team.

The main difference with Bitcoin is that ~80% of the coins are obtainable by collecting coins in a virtual universe which resides inside the blockchain.
A Simple game is played to collect coins on a map of which has an element of Player vs Player combat to fight over resources. This can be termed as Human (or AI) mining (more recently known as "play2earn", and the competition which has gotten more difficult over time can be called a Human (or AI) Difficulty level.

Huntercoin works similar to how a smart contract runs on Ethereum.

Cryptographically secure, decentralized and innovative, Huntercoin was released in Feburary 2014 as a live experimental test to see how blockchain technology could handle full on game worlds. Huntercoin proved this concept well.

The technology has evolved since Huntercoin to Xaya.

Huntercoin is lacking miners thus is you want to continue the chain you'll need to mine which would lower the difficulty.

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Coin Information

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    42 million HUCs will be mined

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    The current distribution: 10 Coins per block (1 to Miner, 9 into the World)

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    1 minute block times

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Worlds First Dual Algo – (SHA256 and Scrypt – each with own difficulty, 2 minute block times each)

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Each Algo can be Merge Mined (with Bitcoin / Litecoin etc)

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Retarget every block based on the last 2016 blocks

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Block Reward halving approx. every 4 year

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Crown of Fortune – a Unique item on the map that generates o.25 HUC’s per block for the holder

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Worlds First Human Mineable Crypto

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Worlds First Real MMO Decentralized Gameworld

  • Xaya/Treat Fighter bullet point

    Worlds First Blockchain Game (and on-chain).

What happens when no more coins are generated?

The same as bitcoin, miners will generate income via transacton fees. Although, game transaction fees are a lot more expensive.

Won’t bots take over?

Yes and they did. This was predicted before launch due to the simple game mechanics.

Why haven’t I heard of Huntercoin?

Huntercoin was created as an experiment and as a hobbiest project. No Marketing or promotion and with a very small team working in our spare time.

Where is Huntercoin headed?

Although Huntercoin was originally designed to be supported for only 1 year however we had continued to support it for several years and the team hope to continue to develop Huntercoin in the future.

Who was behind Huntercoin?

Huntercoin was originally conceived by Andrew Colosimo as a precursor for Chronokings. The original core code was co developed with Mikhail Syndeev (R.I.P.). Since 2014 the Core Code has been maintained by Daniel Kraft. The game portion of Huntercoin has been removed from the QT Wallet and a Third Party Unity3d Client is used for Human Mining (gaming). This client has been developed by various freelancers and was semi completed by Konstantin Gorskov.

When a player banks coins inside the world, miners will receive 10% of the players coins, and when a player is killed, miners will receive 4% of dropped coins. This is to
encourage miners to process transactions.

Hunters collect coins on the map, then bring them back to spawn areas to transfer them to the users wallet.


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