XAYA platform technical references

Technical references contain background information that is useful prior to getting started on game development. It is high level material and strongly recommended for those unfamiliar with blockchain development.

Xaya Lite Paper

What is Xaya?

High Level Overview

The Components

XAYA Blockchain Specs

High level blockchain info

Blockchain Basics

A beginner tutorial

Game Channels Publication

Academic peer-reviewed paper describing 1 technology in XAYA

XAYA platform technical documentation

The XAYA documentation includes many tutorials and walk-throughs to help you get started quickly and easily.


How to run the XAYA daemon

Game State Processor

How the GSP is structured relative to your game

Libxayagame Component Relationships

Learn how information flows in a XAYA game

Compile libxayagame in Windows

Compile libxayagame for Windows

Compile libxayagame in Ubuntu

Compile libxayagame for Linux

Run xayad for Games

Learn about options for XAYA games

Hello World! in C++

A lengthy tutorial in C++

Hello World! in C#

A quick tutorial in C#

Hello World! with SQlite

The fastest way to get started on a real game

Mover Overview

Describes the “Mover” game

Mover Console

A lengthy tutorial in C#

Mover Unity

A lengthy tutorial in C# and Unity

RPC Methods

Learn the most important XAYA RPC methods

Game Engine Support

Use any game engine you wish

Much More...

Learn to create blockchain games easily


The XAYA platform is 100% free to use and completely open source. There are no license or usage fees.


For support, you can get help in our developer forum or in our developer Discord channel.


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