Join the Overlords of Canedoom!

Running on the XAYA blockchain, Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you as Overlord cook Treats, gather candies and recipes on expeditions, and fight PvP battles against your fellow Overlords. Will you take up the challenge to dominate in the land of Canedoom?

Treats battle for rank and prestige for their Overlord.

What is Treat Fighter?

Treat Fighter is a blockchain game where ownership is absolute and guaranteed by strong cryptography. You cook up Treats to do your bidding. They collect precious candies and fight for your amusement in the Colosseum. Trade Treats with other players, or deconstruct underperforming Treats to extract candy from them. Domination is the name of the game in the land of Canedoom.

Xaya - True Blockchain Gaming

Treat Fighter Info

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    Runs 100% on-chain with no centralised servers, i.e. a true blockchain game

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    Permissionless: Nobody can stop you from playing. Not even us.

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    Censorship Resistant: In the spirit of Bitcoin, Treat Fighter runs P2P

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    Human Mining: Treat Fighter offers a free market where you can freely trade your hard-earned Treats or earn CHI by winning Candy Crusades

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    Massively Multiplayer: There's virtually no limit to how many people can play

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    More than simply expensive JPEGs, Treat Fighter is a true blockchain game where you truly own every aspect of your account.

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    Collector's Paradise: Millions of different treats, with some being incredibly rare

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    Fast & fun gameplay! Even if you lose a tournament, you can still get ahead!

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    Open source GSP lets you create new additions to the game

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    ~80% of all money (CHI) spent in the game goes back to players

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    From the creators of the world's 1st Real Blockchain Game

Plunder the land of Canedoom to get the Candies and Recipes you need to dominate!


Use the ancient art of cooking to breathe life into candies and boost their power with sweeteners!
Fight in the Coliseum to level up your Treats


Send your Treat Fighters on expeditions to plunder the vast riches of the land and expand your army!
Cook Treats


Battle against other Overlords in the Colosseum with Treat squads. Gain power and prestige for yourself as a true, dominating Overlord.
Treat Fighter Logo

How do I get started playing Treat Fighter?

Very simple.

  1. Download Treat Fighter and install it

  2. FROM INSIDE THE GAME, Click the "CLAIM FREE PACK" button and fill out the form

  3. Go back to Treat Fighter, wait a bit, and your pack will be delivered

Do I need a wallet?

No. Treat Fighter has a built-in wallet that runs silently in the background and takes care of everything for you. Easy peasy.

Is this the final release?

No. We have some extremely cool new features coming soon!

The Pantry

Cook Treat Fighters in the Pantry

Your first stop to weave a cooking spell is in the Pantry.
This is where you store your Candies, Recipes, and Sweeteners.

Fizzy power candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!Mint patty candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!Ring pop  candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!
The Pantry
Send Treats on Expeditions in the Spoiltlands to get Candies and Recipes

Adventure on Expeditions in the Spoiltlands

Candies are a crucial component for any cooking spell.
Send your Treats on Expeditions in the Spoiltlands to gather more Candy resources.
Make certain to explore every nook & cranny in the Spoiltlands of Canedoom, because some candies can only be found in some places. And you're going to need a lot of different Candies if you want to win The Candy Crusades!

Jelly bean candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!Bronzed jelly bean  candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!SILVER jelly bean candy that Overlords use to cook Treat Fighters!
Win in the Candy Crusades to siphon mystical CHI for yourself.

Send Treats to Fight in the Colosseum

You and your fellow Overlords rule Canedoom with an iron fist. None dare challenge your power.
But along with total control comes boredom... What is an Evil Overlord to do?
Why, send Treats to the Colosseum for gladiatorial fights to amuse you, of course!

More than simple amusement, battles give your Treats valuable experience that increases their sweetness. And you'll get more magic Recipes as rewards than in Expeditions.
What are you waiting for? FIGHT! Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!

Win in the Candy Crusades to siphon mystical CHI for yourself.
The Coliseum is where you battle to level up your Treats and gain Prestige

Crush it in the Candy Crusades!

The Candy Crusades are the pinnacle of success in Canedoom!
Spells cost magic Crystals that must be purchased with an Overlord's life force, CHI. While some CHI is lost to chaos, the vast majority of it can be reclaimed (approx 80%).
Winning a Candy Crusade grants the Overlord with a special magic item that can harvest the CHI life force for themselves.

But winning isn't easy as those magic items also turbo charge Treat Fighters as well. Planning your strategy is key!
Do you have what it takes to dominate in Canedoom?

Buy and sell Treats

Buy & Sell Treats in the Exchange

Whether you need a new Treat, or want to get rid of an old one, the Exchange is where you can buy, sell, and trade Treats with other Overlords.

Buy and sell Treats



Once upon a time, there was a magical Kingdom made almost entirely out of Candy. This was so long ago that no one really remembers its original name, but it was surely a land of candy. The citizens of the kingdom enjoyed ages of sugar soaked bliss and all the benefits of being a serious vacation destination spot!

As we all know, fame has its privileges, but it also exacts its price. And you can’t live high on the sugar hog for very long, without making some very jealous neighbors. One day, shortly after the yearly Festival of Gummi, Og, the first of the hulking, ravenous, slobbering Giants of Glut appeared. Og was well experienced in his eons long existence and began to devour the land. He even bit a chunk right out of the great Colosseum in the center of the Capitol.

The homeland of the Gluts had long been depleted of all but the most meager of nourishments. But this new land of confectionary delight offered endless, delicious pleasures. In one afternoon, Og caused more destruction and turmoil than the kingdom had ever experienced. Og was a bottomless pit for the land's delicious sustenance and flavor. It wasn’t long before the kingdom was almost completely overrun by more and more Giants of Glut. The King desperately pleaded with the rulers of the other known kingdoms, nations and tribes. Surely, someone could lend a hand?

Their prayers and petitions were answered by the Overlords, mighty wizards who feared no beast and whose wisdom was beyond compare. The Overlords agreed to rid the land of the Giants, but at a price. The Overlords wanted the secrets of Cooking and Sweetening. These were very special magics of the candy kingdom, which allowed one to create new life from the very elements of the land. The King agreed and quickly the Giants were driven from the land. But the Overlords never were all that nice and as it turned out, the Giants were planted by those backstabbing sorcerers. They wanted the spoils of the land and the magic it possessed for themselves. Nothing was more important.

Now that they had the secrets of Cooking and Sweetening, not to mention a race of ravenous and gluttonous Giants at their beck and call, it wasn’t long before the Overlords took over the entire land. They Cooked massive armies of soldiers, known as Treat Fighters, to help them subjugate the land and its people. They let their Giant friends roam wild and decimate entire swaths of candy cane wilderness. They built monolithic apothecaries in all the town centers, to facilitate the magic they had stolen. They kept building their armies but when they ran out of real enemies, they pitted their Treat Fighters against each other for their own amusement. The era of the Candy Kingdom had come to an end, a new era had begun, and so the Overlords renamed the land... "Canedoom".

And that is the history of your people. Welcome to Canedoom, Overlord. Time to build your army!


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